California born Indian blooded Pittsburgh educated New York cultured Europe desired Cambodia traversed India destined 20 something girl trying to stay hungry and stay foolish


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  1. Interesting !!! lol


  2. Sameer Modi (Shammi) says:

    Very Impressive !


  3. yulsylicious says:

    Interesting! Love your insights!


  4. PS I should change my “about” since I am now Cambodia traversed and India settled. Will do soon


  5. Christian says:

    Hello Shabnam ! With a friend of Mine we are creating a Start-up ( http://www.makesense.org ) . We are visiting entrepreneurs all around Asia. We are for the moment in New delhi. Will we get a chance to meet you ? =) email : christian@makesense.org


  6. Rahul says:

    You are doing some great stuff Shabnam. Where are you based now? Lets get this place running.


  7. Really inspiring and thought-provoking writing, Shabnam. You are doing great work.


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